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Urban Green Hoodie

Designed by Monika Vaverová

Unique men´s green hoodie in #UrbanGreen design from author collection #BeTheHero by Monika Vaverová. Unique timeless design combines sci-fi with Japanese culture.

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About product

Designed by Monika Vaverová

The Urban Green Hoodie expresses readiness for any situation requiring courage, endurance and determination. The tactical green is a synonym to cohesion and the ability to endure even the toughest of challenges - a symbol of a true man! Its design is based on the flagship of the #BeTheHero collection, the Samurai Black Hoodie, in which creation we utilised everything we learned at costume creation.

The Samurai Black hoodie is dark and stealthy, yet expresses the personality and sophistication of its wearer. A thoroughly chosen fusion of viscose, nylon and lycra grants it its smooth futuristic look, is soft and does not crease - so there is no need for ironing! Hidden flexible cuffs with a thumbhole come in handy in colder weather and bring more attention to the extravagant sleeves ending and the print typical for #BeTheHero collection. Deep hood provides you with anonymity when needed and lets others know who´s the boss.

Materials & Care


  • Material 1 - Green fabric (71% PE, 23% Viscose Rayon, 6% PU)
  • Material 2 - Black fabric (67% Viscose, 29% Nylon, 4% PU with Elastan)
  • Material 3 - Rubber fabric (60% Synthetic leather, 40% PU)

Care instructions:

  • Remove all detachable metalic components prior laundry
  • Wash on 30°C
  • Do not use softeners or bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Iron on 110°C maximum without steam
  • Do not iron over print or rubber fabric
  • Possible for professional cleaning on standard level
  • Hang dry, do not use clothes peg

Size Table

Men´s measurements M – Magnificient L – Leader XL – Exceptional Z - Customized
Chest circumference 102 108 114 Bespoke
Waist circumference 88 96 104 Bespoke
Hip circumference 100 105 110 Bespoke
Neck circumference 44 46 48 Bespoke


Want your piece to be truly one-of-a-kind? Have it bespoke made and personalize it with your initials or a design feature of your own! When crafting customized outfits, we follow the procedure of professional costume creation. We begin with consulting your expectations, then take your measurements at our Atelier and later adjust the piece during a personal fitting so that we make sure it fits you perfectly.

How to order: Click the "Ask us" button or contact us via e-mail at mimospacecz@gmail.com and we will reach out to you within 48 hours!

Important information: The price for customized items depends on the amount of adjustments. We will provide you with price estimate after the initial consultation. 

1 review for Urban Green Hoodie

  1. Petr Boleček

    Jsem nadšenej, nejoriginálnější a nejlepší kousek v šatníku. Člověk si připadá jako kombinace vesmírného šerifa, mezihvězdného kapitána, Green Arrowa, Legolase (co utekl z warhammeru 40 000:), Jedie a hlavního hrdiny Cyberpunku 2077:) Top design plus hodně vymazlenej materiál. To chceš:) Super práce, díky!:)

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